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Are you looking for a professional company that will take care of your financial and administrative matters? Our administration office in  Laren offers a complete service package to provide you with the best possible service. Do you have a special request? Then contact us to discuss the options.

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As an entrepreneur, you are required by law to keep and maintain proper administration. This is also of great importance for your own

business operations. With an orderly administration you keep overview, you can signal developments, adjust on time and take the right decisions.

JC Financial Services (JCFS) checks your administration, submits VAT returns and performs a range of additional activities. On one hand we are prepared to take as

much work off your hands as possible, and on the other hand we respect your wishes when you want to keep control.

When you have your financial administration and sales tax returns periodically (by month / quarter) prepared by us, you will always have up-to-date insight

into your figures and therefore you can spend more time on your own business operations. If required, we can also compile interim reports for you, so that you know exactly how your company is doing financially at any point in time.

Financial administration at your business location

Is your financial administration threatening to come to a standstill due to illness or long-term leave? Or do you want to save on the costs of your

own administrative department? JC Financial Services (JCFS) will visit you on location to process your financial administration and to make sales tax returns.

Would you like to find out more about the services we can offer for your company?

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Online Services

In recent years, the use of online administration software has grown considerably. 

Twinfield is an international web service for real-time accounting. There are various options available within Twinfield, such as project, time and expense records, reporting, budgeting, credit management and invoicing. If you have a professional accountant within your company, then Twinfield is highly recommended. We organize your administration and transfer the data from your administration to Twinfield.

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Annual Statements

The annual statement is the annual financial report of your company. This consists of:

• A balance statement
• A profit and loss account
• An explanation of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account
• A cash flow statement
• An auditor's report (if required) 

A financial statement provides a clear insight into the financial state of affairs of the previous year. It offers you useful information about your company, so that you can - if necessary - make timely adjustments and make sound decisions for the future. You can also use this statement for a comparison of your company with that of industry peers and present it to financiers such as banks.

As an entrepreneur, you are required to submit an (online) tax return to the Tax Authorities each year in which a balance sheet with a profit and loss account must be completed. This data can be taken from the annual accounts. JC Financial Services (JCFS) provides the correct data for your income tax return (profit tax return) or corporation tax return.

Based on your administration, we can compile the annual accounts for your company. We think along with you about your business and provide practical tips and tax advice. The financial statement is then discussed with you.

Private companies

If you have a private or limited liability company, you must annually deposit your annual statement - also referred to as publication documents - at the Chamber of Commerce. If you do not do this on time, you may be fined and personally liable in the event of bankruptcy.

 We provide the publication documents for the Chamber of Commerce. In a number of cases you do not have to file annual accounts. In these cases you often have to deposit another statement. We will inform you about these exceptions.


The rules are constantly changing and the tax law has many snags. We have all the expertise and experience to give you tailor-made advice.

JC Financial Services (JCFS) can provide you with the following declarations:

• Income tax returns (for individuals and entrepreneurs)

• Corporate income tax returns
• Sales tax declarations and intra-Community services declarations

• Payroll tax declarations
• Dividend tax declarations
• Gift tax declarations

• Inheritance tax declarations

Help with starting your business? We offer Starters advice.

Doing business is a challenge. Starting a business is even more challenging. Which permits are required? Which legal form is the best at the moment? How do you finance the new company? Are you looking for financial participation or are you going to talk to the bank? What does the financier want to know about you? How do you arrange the taxation of your business and private life? And can starter grants be applied for?

Apart from basic matters such as applying for a tax number and registration with the Chamber of Commerce, starting a business is a whole undertaking. We hereby ask you the correct questions and provide answers to questions that you probably did not think of.

Would you like help with starting your business?

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A sound financial administration requires time and a good business strategy. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience with many entrepreneurs, we can advise you on financial, administrative and management matters. We help you with various issues in the fields of:

• financial interim management
• asset management/financial planning/estate planning

• growth guidance
• (re)financing
• assistance with the sale of a business

• business succession

Salary administration

Many entrepreneurs regard payroll administration as an extra hassle, which means that valuable time is lost. Outsourcing payroll administration is an excellent way to free up more time for your core tasks and allow you to be sure that everything is arranged perfectly.

Outsourcing your salary administration to our administration office in Laren offers you and your organization many benefits:

• Full administrative support

• More time for your core tasks

• Control over your labor costs thanks to all-in package prices

• Fully digital service if desired

• Handing over salary administration ?